Are you looking for a unique way to add color to your walls? Do you want a backsplash that's a perfect accent for your kitchen or bathroom? Nye Enterprises creates modern mosaics that put a twist on a classic art style. Our pieces are great for interior and exterior walls when you want a customized look.

Our artist uses any colors and materials to create a fantastic art piece you'll admire for years to come. We work on residential and commercial properties to design pieces of all sizes. Call 910-264-5075 today to schedule a consultation with our artist.

We use a variety of materials

We use a variety of materials

Our prices vary depending on the size of the piece you'd like and the materials you want, such as glass, shells, ceramic pieces and bottle caps. We create mosaic panels for:

  • Backsplashes
  • Accent walls
  • Statement pieces

A good bit of our work is for bathrooms and kitchens. However, a modern mosaic can be installed in any indoor or outdoor space when you want artwork that enhances your residential or commercial property.

Contact Nye Enterprises today to discuss a customizable project for your home or office.